Prakaanth in a navy blue shirt looking to his left side.

About myself

I am Prakaanth @ Prasanth. A. I’m a Freelance content writer and Digital Marketer.

 I am an Engineering Graduate in the stream of Electrical and Electronics. I found my interest in writing and started pursuing it with passion. I have enhanced my writing skills to be an excellent content writer. In the process, I learnt Digital marketing and became a Digital marketer. 

Along with Content Writing, I do Copywriting and Blogging. I have a solid knowledge of Social Media Marketing. I am also good at website development. I know PPC (pay-per-click), SEO (search engine optimization) and growth hacking.

Apart from this, I am an avid Reader and a Philomath. I learn interesting stuff and implement it in my life wherever it is possible.

Another interesting thing is, that I am a Psychology Enthusiast. I am interested in Spiritual psychology and Applied psychology.

I love to learn and write on different subjects. You can find my writings in my Blog section.

I have 5 years of non-professional experience in writing. I also have one and a half years of professional experience in content writing.

Some of my Achievements in Past (2010):

Prakaanth's interview in Daily Thanthi newspaper in 2010
News About Prakaanth in Dinakaran Newspaper in 2010
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