Pandemic, The unknown

At certain times, some words become popular throughout the world, in a continent, in a country, in a state or even in a particular region. The word in the title is popular since 2019, after 1918. I hope lockdown and media exposure would make people understand the previous analogy.

COVID-19 is given more concern and priority than THE PANDEMIC on which I am going to throw the light after a few lines. COVID-19 makes people suffer, makes life miserable, is highly contagious, affects the people around them, the individual infected suffers more and it even kills people. THE PANDEMIC that I will unravel here is no less than COVID-19.

Pandemic that to be known

THE PANDEMIC, I am emphasizing here is “FEAR OF BEING QUESTIONED (FBQ)”. Yes, this is a PANDEMIC, which creates DIS-EASE in the human mind, and it is widespread too. Similar to COVID-19, this FEAR OF BEING QUESTIONED (FBQ) has different variants. The other variant of this FBQ is “WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK/SAY”. For ease of mentioning, I would like to represent it as VARIANT-2(V2). FBQ and V2 are the pandemics that I am emphasizing here. Let me compare the characteristic of FBQ and V2 with COVID-19.

A pandemic like COVID-19 has a specific spread, peak, decline and control period, but this one is different. FBQ and V2 is widespread since the formation of society. This leads to stress, anxiety, depression and connected physical health issues. As mentioned before FBQ and V2 makes people’s life miserable, affects people around and even kills people.

If a pandemic is evaluated based on the number of people killed by a certain virus, the number of people who died because of this FBQ and V2 is in millions and still counting than ever recorded. Every day people die because of stress, accidents, suicide or murder. One of the main reasons behind these occurring is THE UNKOWN PANDEMIC (FBQ and V2).

COVID-19 is diagnosed, and people are being treated to get cured of the infection by the immunity within them without any specific medicine invented so far. Now, COVID-19 is in its climax (I hope so) but, FBQ and V2 pandemic is still unrealized, unknown and untreated. People protect themselves from this pandemic by,

Wearing masks: Over their real faces and feelings.

Avoid gathering: To save themselves from being pushed into the question zone.

Wash their hands: Wash their dreams away though they knew that they need it.

And so on……..

A cure for the FBQ and V2 pandemic is realizing and knowing, then everything else happens by itself and people get healed themselves even though specific medicine is not found likewise COVID-19. The end of this pandemic is the dawn of every individual’s life and a healthy society. When THE UNKOWN PANDEMIC is known life becomes easier and tastier because the problem known is no more a problem and take back your control.

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