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Kitchen Ideas and Advice: Elevate Your Space with Expert Tips and Creative Inspiration


The kitchen is considered the powerhouse of a home. It is the place where fuel for our body food is prepared. There may be more than one bathroom and several bedrooms but always there is only one kitchen for a home (let us not consider some exceptional homes with two kitchens like a vegetarian kitchen and a non-vegetarian kitchen, here).

Since the kitchen is a special place in every home, this special place needs to be elevated and designed in a way that shows its uniqueness. Let’s see some of the best Kitchen Ideas and advice from experts to make our powerhouse more perfect.

Be smart and sensible in choosing materials:

Choosing materials for your kitchen shows your smartness. Most experts say that a mixture of different materials makes the kitchen look creative. For example, considerable and practical kitchen ideas that expert advice is the use of easy clean material for backsplash. If you are the one who uses a stove to cook. This is the best advice.

Also, choose materials that suit your lifestyle and the climate of the place you live. For example, if you live in a place where the climate is moist, it is better to design your cupboards with PVC materials. Wooden materials will bulge during continuous rainy weather. Choose wisely.

Let there be light:

Yes, illumination is another major kitchen idea that is advised the most. You have to make the kitchen area bright and fresh with light. It is better if you incorporate natural light and artificial light set-up together.

For natural light, set up a window in the kitchen may be a small or medium-sized window that allows natural light whenever it is available. It can also be a skylight setup or any other design that allows natural light to illuminate the heart space of your home (kitchen).

For artificial light, choose the light style that suits your style and mood. Artificial light setup is necessary because it is not possible to depend on natural light all the time. In that case, set different types of lighting like

Ambient lighting, that illuminates the kitchen overall for easy navigation in and out of the kitchen. Softer lights are used for this lighting.

Task lighting is used in the specific work area in the kitchen. Brighter lights are suggested for this type of illumination.

 Separate storage for the groceries:

Design or redesign your kitchen with a space for a pantry. If you have a larger kitchen area have a separate room to store your groceries or else a big cupboard to keep all those items organised.

The pantry makes the kitchen look neat. Instead of a cluttered and clumsy kitchen, a neat and organised kitchen gives a sense of mental peace to the person who enters the kitchen. Also, it is easy to access utensils and groceries.

Ventilation, Let the airflow:

The most important kitchen idea is ventilation. Yes, ventilation is important in kitchen design Experts advise having a flow of air into the kitchen apart from the exhaust fan. The natural flow of air to the kitchen has health benefits and safety benefits.

 Health benefits:

  • Ventilation prevents airborne pollutants build-up.
  • It prevents moisture build-up.
  • The control of Odour

3Safety benefits:

  • Ventilation controls indoor air temperature.
  • It supports the maintenance of a safe environment.
  • In case of gas leakage, the airflow prevents a great disaster

Wall paint colour:

The most important aspect of kitchen design is the choice of paint colour that is used on walls. The designing professional suggests various ideas that are considered important advice that is to be followed when you think of elevating your kitchen space.

There are the top three colour suggestions given by the design specialist,

  • Monochrome
  • Double tone
  • Mixed tone


You can go for a monochromatic design for the kitchen that goes along with your furniture. For example, you can choose colours like yellow, sea blue etc,

Double tone:

Double tone is a combination of two colours that contrast with each other for example, red and white, black and white etc.,

Mixed tone:

The mixed tone is the modern way of including different shades of colour in a kitchen area that suits your personality and taste.


The food you eat defines your health. The place where the food is prepared impacts the food. in that way indirectly, your kitchen plays a major role in your health So, consider the mentioned kitchen ideas and advice by experts to design and elevate your heart and the powerhouse of your home. Remember to make your only place of your home more special and unique.

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