Digital marketing Dynamics from a Crime thriller movie por thozhil

Digital Marketing Dynamics from a Crime Thriller Movie

The movie ‘Por Thozhil’ stood out as one of the best films of 2023, showcasing compelling content. It showed the Tamil film industry (Kollywood) that quality content with engaging storytelling always wins.

 As a Content writer and digital marketer, I saw the whole movie from the perception of a digital marketer. Then, I planned to relate the seat-edge crime thriller movie with crucial Digital Marketing Dynamics.

The movie has very few main characters, played by well-known talented actors. For my convenience, I used their real-life names to represent the characters;

SP Loganathan, Played by Actor R. Sarath Kumar (Sarath),

DSP Prakash I.P.S, Played by Actor Ashok Selvan (Ashok).

The story one line is about how a Newly appointed DSP trainee, Ashok and an Experienced senior officer, Sarath solve clueless serial killing cases with their knowledge and experience.

Let us dive into the movie’s scenes that correlate with Digital Marketing Dynamics.

  • Data interpretation
  • Bookish/theoretical knowledge does matter
  • Trend analysis
  • Implementation of different methods
  • Team of Senior professional (mentor) and junior professional (mentee)


When Sarath and Ashok reach Trichy for their first case as a duo, Ashok flaunts his bookish knowledge to Sarath to impress him as his subordinate but, Sarath humiliates him by ordering him to do some menial job and humbles him by saying bookish and training knowledge won’t help much.

Data interpretation aspect of digital marketing dynamics. Sarath explaining Ashok about importance of data interpretation

The next day, the duo goes to the previous crime spot. Sarath asks Ashok to tell what he learnt from the report, and Ashok recites the details in the report.

At that time, Sarath makes Ashok interpret the data from the report and concludes that the criminal is a Sadistic psychopath with low self-esteem who commits the crime to challenge the department so that no one can catch him. Through this, Sarath emphasizes the importance of interpreting data to his trainee, Ashok.

From a digital marketer point of view, I learnt that in digital marketing, we have to interpret the data and plan the next move from Analytics reports from various sources like Google Analytics, etc. It will help to analyse user behaviour, measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and make informed decisions to optimize strategies.

Ashok Proves Sarath that Bookish knowledge does matter.

In the next scene, when the duo goes to the crime spot for a recently reported murder, Ashok proves his intelligence by calculating the murder time using a thermometer before postmortem with his bookish knowledge, which surprises Sarath.  

Ashok faces Sarath with self-esteem and says, “Booklendhu kathukiten sir”1 (I learnt it from the book, sir) and proves Theoretical knowledge has its value. On seeing this, Sarath starts to realize, that his trainee is worthy to be a police officer and Bookish knowledge does matter.

In Digital marketing, Practical skills and hands-on experience are vital, and having a solid theoretical foundation is also essential. It provides a framework for understanding concepts, strategies, and industry trends. A fresher with theoretical knowledge is not the incapable one to handle projects but, the potential one to implement theory into practice with proper guidance.

Ashok analysing the pattern which is related here with Trend analysis.

Later, when the duo fails to stop further murders, Ashok shares his frustration caused by the failure with his senior Sarath. Through this conversation, Sarath gets the spark to look for previously similar cases of the decade for further clues. At first, they fail, then due to Ashok’s Bookish knowledge, the duo finds the pattern of similar crime three decades ago and the further lead. Pattern analysis, here, leads to the further steps.

Identifying patterns in digital marketing comes under trend analysis. Tools like Google Trends and Twitter trends are used for the purpose of Trend analysis. Trends can reveal seasonal variations in user behaviour. For example, certain products or services may experience higher demand during specific times of the year, and trend analysis can help identify and plan for these patterns, which is identifying seasonal patterns.

Such information is crucial for making informed decisions and staying competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Therefore, trend analysis in Digital marketing gives insights to predict future performance and optimize resource allocation for positive results.

Ashok and Sarath tracks down the suspecr in their own ways here realated with implementation of different method in digital marketing.

After finding the lead from pattern analysis, Ashok and Sarath tracked down the suspect. Both implement different methods to confirm the suspect in their ways.

At a certain point, Ashok’s library investigation and Sarath’s field investigation coincide, which confirms their conclusion about their prime suspect at the Interval of the movie.

Likewise, implementing various digital marketing methods, such as SEO, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content marketing, etc., is a core aspect of digital marketing dynamics. Implementing diverse methods is essential for a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy, which will coincide at a point to reach the expected result.

Ideal Mentor and Mentee relationship is portrayed through the characters of Sarath and Ashok.

After a series of cat-and-mouse chases, seat-edge scenes and mind-blowing twists, the duo finds the killer. At the climax, it is brilliantly portrayed how Sarath’s experience handling the criminal and the impetuousness of Ashok leads to slight setbacks.

At last, Ashok, with his observation skills, insights and motivation from his senior, accompanied by his natural skills, he hunts down the culprit.

This success is attributed to the harmonious collaboration between the experienced mentor, Sarath, and the knowledgeable mentee, Ashok. It shows how a good team of well-experienced seniors and capable freshers can tackle a clueless problem with better teamwork.

Mentorship is significant in any industry, including digital marketing. Senior professionals provide guidance, share experiences, and help junior professionals navigate the complexities of the field. Additionally, the willingness of seniors to listen and cooperate with juniors is crucial. when this is understood, any problem can be easily tackled and solved.

In Digital Marketing, harmonious collaboration will lead to the overall growth and development of individuals within the digital marketing landscape.

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  1. Lines Said by the character DSP Prakash I.P.S played by Actor Ashok Selvan in the Tamil movie “Por Thozhil” ↩︎

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